3 Top Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

  1. Global Domains International (GDI) This program has what I believe to have one of the best payouts all because it has a residual income opportunity as well with an affiliate. This company was started in 1990 and was one of the fastest growing businesses in 2002. It’s a well established web hosting company that distributes a unique web suffix, the .WS, meaning website. They offer a 7 day free trial then it’s $10 a month, or you can purchase the premium which is $40 a month
  2. Host Gator Is a very popular web hosting company that has been around for quite awhile. It’s one of the most trusted names in web hosting and has a great affiliate program which gives very good commissions based on number of referrals earned in a month; starting at $50 for 1- 5 referrals a month to $125 for 21+ referrals a month. It is $0.01 for the first month to join then it’s $4.95 a month. Unlimited affiliate income with three separate packages to choose from to fit your need
  3. Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) Host Then Profit Now this program is highly over looked. The tools that come with it are an affiliate marketers dream. It comes with a virtual conference room, video recorder, and auto-responder for $9.97 a month, but with a $1 seven day free trial and you get up to 4 domains with residual income opportunity. The company started in 2007. They have a product called Pure Leverage which is an extention to Host Then Profit. 

Each of these programs have positives and negatives and can be suited to your liking, but before you jump into any of these programs keep in mind it is not just getting a website up and going and think that people are just going to run to it. There are strategies that have to be involved and need to be trained in order to come up with a strategy.

Think about it, $10 a month will add up if you’re not making money with your money. Not because there’s something wrong with the program; if you are new to affiliate marketing, then you wouldn’t have a clue on why your business isn’t making money.

Over 90% of online marketers fail and quit because they just didn’t know how to put all the pieces together. Sure you can go search YouTube and be everywhere listening to different people with different perspectives and then try to bring it all together or you can simple click on the image to the right and get all your training in one program.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income. And in order to be successful you must learn how to make it work. This is a totally different profession and like any profession you must learn the skills needed in order to exceptional in the field.

One thing that three of the affiliate programs above all have in common is that they don’t offer training on how to promote their products or services. And lets be fair, they do have training on how to use the tools within the programs just not on how to market the programs. And this is the same with over 98% of these affiliate programs. And NOT just web hosting affiliate programs, I’m talking any product or service that has an affiliate program such as; health, digital, beauty, clothes, shoes, vehicles, boats, planes, musical instruments, cruises, hotels, guns, toys, drones, you name it. There is an affiliate program for practically everything.

So if you want to earn extra income online then do yourself a huge favor and get the necessary training that you need in order to succeed.





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    1. These are 3 hosting programs I came across years ago and joined, but had no idea on how to make money with them. They give very good commissions.

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