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Hey there! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Johnny, and I am so glad you stopped by.


My assignment on this page is to tell you a little bit about myself

So just to give you a small bio of myself I am a proud father of five children, 4 boys 1 girl. I am active in my local church as a deacon, Sunday school teacher, and musician- I play lead guitar. I am a artist and I like to exercise. And if you’re reading this page which is 1 of 6 pages then it’s obvious I am an affiliate marketer, which is something I have been doing for quite a while now and is the best thing I have ever done.

I was introduced to the work from home ideal  back in 2008 when a pastor of this church who was a musician in a gospel band I was in was an online telemarketer. I watched as while we were rehearsing he would stop playing and go answer a call. I thought that that is a easy way to make money but I didn’t pursue it because at the time I was making $18 an hour and I was making way more than he was.

A year later I was laid off and had several jobs between 2009 – 2011 and none of them no where near matched the money I was making before. I went from making $18 to $8.25 an hour part-time with no benefits.

But it was in 2010 I purchased a program off tv about getting out of debt and online marketing was mentioned, and so out of curiosity and desperation I done some research. Then I joined a few of them and failed, like most people do. But even so, I knew that was what I wanted to do, I knew that online marketing was my ticket out of being broke, working long hours, and being out of debt, so I never stop trying.

Now after years of searching and watching YouTube videos I finally found the program that has helped me make sense of it all. This program has been a real game changer. And what’s funny is that I stumbled across this program while reading the comment section of another program I was in the process of doing and I found out ahead of time that it was going to cost over $1,000 to purchase the equipment to do that program. They said that the program was free, which it was, but you had to buy their products to do the program. Scam!!! I wish I could thank that person who lead me to this awesome opportunity – it is a real life changer. My financial future is now in my hands and I really look forward to helping others who feel they have left behind and forgotten about because they’re not the “Elite” or the “well off .” My desire is for them to see that there is a better way to make a living and be able to spend more time with family. If you’re one those who feel like you’re at a dead end job that has you working more hours with less pay and you feel the need to take control of your financial future then this could be the opportunity you need.

Take care of yourself, I’m Johnny Higgins, and it was s pleasure talking to you.

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Thank you

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